First Phone Screen

Okay. I had my first phone screen with Google on October 16th. Unfortunately, the phone connection broke down five times and the interviewer (who, incidentally, was called “Anonymous Iguana” in the Google Doc shared with me for the purpose of the interview) had to postpone it. My recruiting coordinator wanted to reschedule for a week later, but since the anticipation was grating on my nerves I had to object and the interview was set up for two days later, the same time.

Anyways, I finally got interviewed. At first, there was an overview of hashtables. A pointer to those who want to take the interview upon themselves. If there is something that is specially emphasized in the prep material you should take it as seriously as possible. For instance, in my case, hashtables were singled out as being really important.

Then there were questions into my background. The usual, really; what was your biggest challenge, how did you face it, how have you liked the different areas you have worked in, etc.

After that, there were two questions, one regarding bit manipulation, and the other high-end system design. I had seen both questions previously, but it didn’t make them any easier.

I cannot share the questions with the public, but I can advise everyone to read the material available online as well as the book, Cracking the Coding Interview.

I have not yet received any feedback from Google staffing, and I’m dying to hear from them.

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