Another Phone Interview

In nearly one hour I will be having my third, and hopefully final, phone interview. This one will be conducted with a software engineer from Google Zurich office. By the way, I have been busy prepping so I totally forgot to tell you all that my work location has been decided at last. It is not, as I had hoped, Sydney. It is Google’s EMEA (which stands for Europe, Middle East, and Africa) HQ at Dublin. I am actually very happy, because the job description states my position as an anti-abuse engineer, which indicates that I will be involved with a whole array of Google products, from mail, to AdSense, to YouTube. That’s actually quite promising.

I got another GoogleDoc shared with me, by “James Bond”. I now feel somehow that I’m applying for a super-spying company, rather than a tech corporation, given that my previous interviewers had the aliases “Anonymous Cheetah” and “Anonymous Possum”. Anyhow, I am nervous as hell. This time I will hopefully get to actually meet my interviewer face-to-face as the interview is going to be conducted over Google Hangout — if SSL-filtering does not break it for me, that is.

Well, off to do some last-minute studying and review.

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