On to da Face-to-Face

So, I heard back from my coordinator that I had successfully passed my third phone interview. I was told that the answer would come back in a week — if I was good — and maybe even later. And I was planning to have a month or two of exhaustive study and preparation before the face-to-face, should it come to that. But on Friday, a mere 36 hours after my phone interview, my coordinator called me and told me that they wanted to speed things up a bit, for me.

They had looked into it and had realized that the visa process for Ireland could be a bit longer than necessary for me — an Iranian. She asked me where would it be possible for me to attend without a visa. I immediately responded with Istanbul, Turkey. She wanted to schedule the interview for the coming Tuesday, less than a week from the phone interview. Even if I had not been panic-stricken, there was no chance of such a close date working out for me.

Since I have not yet attended my military service, and as such do not have a military discharge pass, I would need to ask for permission before leaving Iran. This means that I will need a week or two of paperwork for this to work for me. I told her as much, and now, I am supposed to have my final interview with the Google staffing team in Istanbul via video-conference in the week of 25th of January. Two weeks. Scary.

Anyways, I need to study for my proposed role of “Anti-Abuse Engineer” which will include any material available online about violation of terms and policies of the Google products, and how to deal with them.

So, this is where I stand, at the moment. More updates will come when and if things change.

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