I can’t say why, precisely, but LiveJournal has never truly held any attraction for me. Maybe its the user interface, but I think its mostly that I want to have full control of my stuff — and that’s simply not done in any online, managed service. The fact that it is censored in Iran also […]

On where to go …

So I got a letter saying no positions are open at the Sydney office. After closely evaluating each of my opportunities in the Europe, I have now reached the conclusion that my next best choices are Zurich and Dublin. But I have yet to know whether or not it is actually going to happen. Fingers […]

My First Interview

About a week ago, I conducted my first interview. It was important to me from multiple points. For starters, it was a nice change to be on the other side of the table when ¬†going to the interview. Secondly, it kind of validated my status in the company for myself. I have been in the […]